How I got out of that “Tutorial Purgatory” as a learning developer

Paul Caoile on July 21, 2019

I want to share with you my journey for overcoming “Tutorial Purgatory.” That need to learn more and to consume every available video tutorials bef... [Read Full]
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Hey Paul. Participating in the Pass the Pen has had a very positive effect on my development as well. I have learned so much from everyone who participates. Each Pen is a challenge, and I love a challenge. I'm so glad you were able to learn new things and push the limits of your own development skill. One thing I realized early on is that in this community, it doesn't matter what your skill level is. Your contributions will inspire and educate someone who's just starting out. Thanks for the shout out and happy coding! - Cheryl Velez (Grumpy Bunny)


Hi Cheryl, sorry for the late reply. I thought i replied already. Your participation on this has definately helped me improve. All positivity def resonates with the community. Big Thanks to you as always.


Love this article! I have been looking for some projects I can join. Thanks for sharing this one!


Thanks, Angela. Yeah definitely join in on the next pass the pen or give shout out if you find any fun projects to join in. :)


This is cool but I can’t see what’s the problem with tutorials here...


Thanks, Fabio. Since I'm a self-taught developer, tutorials provided me the fundamentals I needed to learn. It's the dependency that I have developed along the way made it difficult for me to build or solve problems on my own. I wouldn't know what to do without having a video tutorial on the side. Fixing a bug or an issue isn't always parallel with what I learned from the tutorials. Having done this project liberated me from relying on video tutorials and breakdown a problem into small solvable chunks. :)


Of course tutorials are not made to teach you how to work, but, to teach you how a language, or a framework works.
I read a lot of books and I see video tutorials every day, but it's also true, that I work every day with the code.
The tutorials are useful ... the problem is to watch them without writing code on your own.


I'm really glad to have the chance to work with you on this project. It was definitely a lot of fun.

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