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re: I kind of disagree on point 3. So far in every company I worked for, in the first phase we always write a quick and messy poc to see if our idea is...

Hi Stefanos, thanks for your comment!
To be honest, I never worked in a company that followed that kind of process. I don't doubt it works for you and your team. But, in my opinion, writing a fast POC and using clean code principles are two things that can easily coexist whitout interfering with one another. Once you know naming your functions correctly is important, why would you do otherwise? How would that speed up the process?
The third point is specially important when you work with beginner devs in the same team. After all, every code you leave for them to work with serves as example. Checkout the broken windows theory (mentioned by @eidsonator in another comment).


You have a point on naming. But naming is the least of the problems and by far the easier to amend. I was referring about concepts like SOLID principles, well thought abstractions, patterns etc

I see what you mean. I suppose is about balancing between good and clean practices and simple enough implementations.

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