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Patryk Woziński
Patryk Woziński

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Working with CSV in Elixir

Hi guys!
I'm not sure if asking here is okay, but let's try. I have a question about working with CSV files uploading, etc. How are you dealing with different encodings in Elixir? I was looking for some packages to process csv but unfortunately, I found only a few (2?) libraries that are not too weak. And... the problems is that - these libraries expect from me to define encoding/charset of an uploaded file. It's okay if you're working on some-static files, but I want to give my user's ability to upload a file with any encoding and my application should detect which of encoding it is (German characters, Polish, and so on). I wasted time because the same solution in Python would take 10% of the time with production-ready solution. :( Python/Java/C++ have a library like UnviersalDetector, but for Elixir I can not find anything similar to this.

Do you have any tips/tricks for a new guy like me in this technology?

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