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React: Writing a custom API hook

Patrick R on August 20, 2019

Let's write a handy custom react hook to take care of the usual API logic we've all written time and time again. Introduction After a c... [Read Full]
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Why did you decided to use APIService abstraction as a class? Couldn't you make an object with each ajax magic on it? That way you could follow your functional approach. Congratz on the post! Awesome abstraction, ty for sharing!

const APIService = {

  loadUsers: async () => {
     // ajax magic

  loadUsersById: async (id) => {
     // ajax magic


export default APIService


Valid point, in part a force of habit, and in another I do have a tendency to inherit base service classes, as seen here. That part kinda got lost as I was trying to simplify things.

Glad you like the hook :)


Very nice approach Patrick, I'll definitely give it a try, using @diogomqbm_ suggestion as well.


Nice post! I'll definitely adopt pieces of your structure. @diogomqbm_ I will use your approach as well.


this is a great way of fixing a very common problem i've seen so many times. I really like your approach and i think i'll try it in my current react project.
Hooks are such a blessing.


Hooks are a blessing indeed ! Glad you like it :)


The entirety of the code is in the article. It's a single function :)


Hi Patrick! Thanks for sharing this knowledge. I would be glad as well to see this at github. I'm having some problems trying to replicate this and split to use with imports.

Thanks Rafael !

Here's a link to this hook on Github.
Cheers :)


Nice article. I would like to see a custom hook with post request. :(

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