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My experience in bootcamp this last week

It's the 3rd week of the bootcamp, which makes it the half way of the bootcamp journey. This last week has been a self-learning week and a lot of things have happened this last week. There’s been a lot of coding, and learning.

Half way of the journey (taskfoce bootcamp)

I get used to getting things done, asking questions when stuck on something has become my thing!, at this bootcamp, things move faster! and I make sure that I'm always all set.

I have been able to learn more advanced topics of Reactjs, Antd, firebase and Redux as I had to work on the LoT project just on my own.

Beside all of these technologies that I got to gain more knowledge about, I also learned more about critical thinking with Olaf.

I have learned how to ask questions by practicing Five whys, how to seek feedback, and how to implement them. I’ve also been able to improve on some skills, such as stress management & resilience.


Even though this week has been intense, I did not experience any challenge. And moving forward, I hope to improve even more on the skills I have acquired during this last week.

Thank you for reading!

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