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Discussion on: Handover Project Using Pair Programming

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Patrick Tingen

This is an interesting question. The idea that is lingering behind it, insinuates that pair programming quickly becomes too expensive. While it may be expensive indeed, I do think it is one of the best ways to hand over some codebase.

Currently I am in the process of handing over a project. I will leave the client who has chosen to oursource all development. Problem is that there is no planned overlap, so all my handover must be done in the form of documentation. Problem there is that there is no feedback. If my way of documenting is not clear enough for my successors, there is no way to correct this. If I document things they already know, it is a waste of time, if I don't document enough I will leave them in the dark. Both with - again - no way to correct.

Doing pair programming gives you the chance to correct things like that. Sure I wish I could do some PP with the new guys.

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Guntbert Reiter

Of course it is a great opportunity - and I did intend to talk about the costs of pair programming in general.

But in this case they really have to pay two people (assuming one is a new hire and the other is leaving) and its great they even allowed for some overlap - which I would have not really expected.