ASP.NET Core MVC Web Application CRUD operations using Azure Cosmos DB

patricksameerajayalath profile image Patrick Sameera Jayalath ・1 min read

In this tutorial I’m going to show how to:

• Create an Azure Cosmos DB Account
• Create an Azure Cosmos DB
• Add a Container to the Cosmos DB
• Create an ASP.NET Core MVC Application
• Add Azure Cosmos DB NuGet package to the Project
• Set up the code for ASP.NET Core MVC application for CRUD Operations
• CRUD Operations Screen Captures

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You can find the PDF version of this tutorial here.

You can find all my Azure/.Net tutorials here and here.

Enjoy !!

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Hi patricksameer.

Would there be a reason to publish a PDF version?

This looks like a good post here. Could you share this in full on DEV
because I see a website version on sameerajayalath.blogspot.com/.

DEV generally asks that folks share their posts in full if possible and there is tooling provided (dev.to/settings/publishing-from-rss) to make it so that it's relatively easy to repost from outside blogs.

Hope you'll consider sharing the full post going forward.


Hi Sung,

Thanks for the message. I do understand it would be good to post in full on DEV. Unfortunately, I did try that in my previous posts and I wasn't successful and it took long time to do the formatting as I got both code and a lot of images in my posts. Hope you understand.

As an example, this tutorial has a PDF with 32 pages.



Ah, the original content is in PDF?... 😥