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Just getting started.

My name is Patrick and I'm new to this realm of technology.
I've never written my first script but I'm taking a course that will teach me everything I need to know. I'm excited, honestly. The course hasn't started yet but I've already learned many things. I've read a few posts going over the definitions of terms like HTML and GUI. I've always been face to face with these elements of the computer and the web but being able to have context behind what they represent is an eye opener.
One of the more interesting facts that I've learned has to be Linux being the primary Operating System for servers. Apparently 96% of servers are using this OS to get the job done, that's really cool! I've been curious about how servers operate and have never seen or used Linux as an operating system so I'm curious on how to engage with it. I read that it's very flexible in terms of customization, so it's understandable why user's would find it to be useful!
I can't wait to discover more!

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