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Discussion on: Setup a ES6 javascript project using webpack, babel and eslint

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Patrick Cole

I really enjoyed this deep dive into webpack, es6 and all the various loaders and plugins available.

A couple of items, for anyone reading this, as of March 2018. The current extract-text-webpack-plugin is not currently compatible with webpack version 4.0. The extract-text-webpack-plugin@next will work, but is still in development. The following link got me through some headaches:
Extract-text-webpack-plugin Issue 701 on Github. I would mention that if you want to go through this tutorial without the same issues, you should specify webpack^3.11.0 in your npm install command.

Finally, I believe there is a small formatting issue that tripped me up when I was using the extractCss plugin. It's in the final code snippet before Update - Adding scss support in the article. The change of actually configuring the extractCss plugin is not formatted in green and I missed doing so before running the build command. A small nitpick, but it definitely sidetracked me for a few minutes.

Thanks for providing a great overview of how to use all these great modules for development!

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Brijesh Bittu Author

Thanks for pointing the mistakes. I have updated the snippets.