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Why Did I Decide To Study Software Engineering? - The New Beginning.

puts "Hello, World. My name is Patrick Taylor !"
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The world always seems to work in mysterious ways. One day you think to yourself that you have achieved a tranquil stage in your life. Everything planned out, everything running smooth, passing all the tests. 
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Until one day, the slightest error in your system and the world goes spinning.

The world might be always changing around us; however, never forget you're the one in control. Just have to get a little innovative. 

And that, is exactly what I did.

Hi, my name is Patrick Taylor and this is my story.

Before the whole Covid-19 outbreak in March of 2020, I was living a simple life here in Maryland. I worked, and I guess you could also say partially working, in the hospitality industry.  The idea of bringing smiles to others always sparked an note in me. That along with the thought of never having the same day twice. Having the ability to bring new ideas, opportunities, and the chance to network.
Along with that I am proud to say I am somewhat of a "Jack-of-all-trades".  I've always been a curious one, wanting to learn new skills and/or talents. For example, taught myself how to play seven instruments. Built my own p.c with some guidance from a friend. Looking to learn more into real-estate investment, and stocks. Etc. Which at the same time can be like a double-edged sword. I wouldn't say I lose interest easily in any one thing, but I do prefer to invest my time in the process, and opportunity for that personal growth. 

College years were definitely interesting to say the least. I was one of the undecided when it came to my major simply because I wanted to do and be everything! I ultimately narrowed down my choices, and started in the field of Biomedical Engineering. With an new fresh spark in my eye, and head full of ideas, I began on my path. That path ended up turning into another .. which turned into another, etc. etc. 

To keep that story short, and to bring you up to speed to present day, lets just agree to say life happened.

With everything going on nowadays, I decided it was a good opportunity to refocus and start investing in myself once again. And that brings us back to the main question of why I decided to study Software Engineering.
To begin, I was recommended and nudged towards path of Software Engineering by a handful of close friends who have knowledge, experience, and careers in the field. Having had several conversations with them, I recalled on fond memories of when I, too, dabbled with coding for fun! Thinking back on it now as I type this, I find it ironic how I was coding without even knowing it. At a previous work place, I noticed their website wasn't the most attractive, so that very night, I had set out to attempt to make them an newly renovated one.  
After a few days, and the help of, I had created an new update mock site for work to which received many positive responses. 
So while deciding on whether to follow through, I searched inwards on what exactly it is that I want overall in life. Some reasons which one may relate to:

- Stability. The ability to not only support myself without worries, but my family as well. No matter what happens. 

- Growth. To finally tap into my full potential which I know has been patiently dormant within.

- Change.  To use my skills not only for myself, but to create and leave behind a better world for the future by any means necessary. 

With that being said, February of 2021 is the month I had planned to set off and began my new journey in life with FlatIron School as a Junior Developer. Learning I could along the way, meeting, and networking with others for potential future opportunities. 
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Now, as I have said previously, I did start off in Bio Engineering, so one might think why not pick up where I left off. Sometimes it is not about the destination itself, but the pit-stops made along the journey. And till this day will continue moving forward inch by inch with my final project in mind as the goal..

A goal which would save the world, and rocket us into the future.
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"In order to grow, you must first place yourself in uncomfortable situations outside your comfort zone."

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