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What is Learn in Public ?

Learn in Public is not only limit to open source or its not mean to share content to others definitely not.

if you are sharing and expecting return is not sharing, its transaction.

The actual goal of learn in public is sharing the journey of your process and the path you're going through to the other peoples who start learning or beginners to the journey. Its help you to interactive with other people and Collab with people and also its improve your confidence and skills share the little thins like
what you going to learn today?
what you completed?

The Complete documentation of your journey is Learn in Public.

You can start Learn in Public with different ways with different social platforms the best way you can start with #100DaysofCode.

The another best ways to find groups or communities who actively support Learn in Public and participate with them. You can easily find this communities with Twitter, LinkedIn and discord.

Keep updating and sharing content with people and keep doing consistently without expecting anything its only for learning purpose.

Used social platforms Liked twitter and LinkedIn for your learning and you also get some amazing people on this platforms.

If you started your Learn in Public journey tag me on Twitter.

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