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Roadmap for Web Development

Developing website its great thing and adding attractive components to it using CSS its pure skills which helps you to learn about website fundamentals and projects which you develop for others and earn money with it and also freelancing. Internet is great thing and you will get lot of material related to web development on Internet but every content you get is not suitable for you its vary person to person so Here I shared my web development roadmap where I start learning about web development


for beginners Learn about basic fundamentals about HTML how its works and tags related to it like attribute about header tags and basic components related to it.


Cascading style sheet CSS for adding iconic looks and all type of animations and transition to your website you need CCS. CSS for beginners is start from box model flex box grid box animation transitions just learn basic and start learning with developing projects.


JavaScript is just amazing just deep dive in JavaScript for beginners learn DOM model with functions and basic programing concepts like data type and variables.


Don't fall in loop of learning just learn basic fundamentals of programing language and learn with real time projects with developments.

Top 5 websites to learn Web Development

  1. GeeksforGeeks
  2. javatpoint
  3. freecodecamp
  4. w3schools
  5. Coursera

ask me anything about web development in comment section or follow me for latest posts and connect with me on social platforms my inbox is always open for you.

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