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How to make Developer Portfolio

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Portfolio is showcase of developers work and experiences with projects and every developer and freelancer need portfolio for getting job, internships and clients. Portfolio is not only for developers its but also every person who actively part of in digital market. The important parts of portfolio for everyone to add in their personal portfolios wit description....

1. Home

Its basic introduction section of developer portfolio part keep it attractive for users with animations and interactive effects using CSS animation and don't forget first impression is last impression.

2. About

In This section developer Introduction must be in elaborate mode just add more and important details about projects and achievements.

3. Projects

This is an important part of portfolio for developer because the development shows the quality of work you produce with development and skills of the developers.

4. Skills

This section is about the skills or as developer the programing language is know to code and be honest with this not just add more programing languages to it only add the programing languages which is your know and you can solve problem with it.

5. Contacts

This section is about social presence and social profiles you have not add more social profiles just add important and updates profiles you have. for example LinkedIn and GitHub or twitter.

Here I created portfolio visit and check it out

Free tool to develop portfolio
Google Portfolio

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