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Introduction to #100DaysofProjects

I recently visited a community(platform) codedamn which helps developers to level up and learn today's job skills in technology. I started exploring this platform and registered an account on codedamn and a lot of things are there for me. The free, as well as paid courses with excellent explanation and conceptual guidance, and I, enrolled myself in web dev course HTML5, and it is free. Then again the different tech roadmaps and building project guidance which help me to understand the basic fundamentals of web development.

join #100DaysofProjects

Then I joined The new challenging adventure introduced by codedamn is 100 days of projects from to zero to hero with basic to advance project building ideas. I shortly introduce some projects like

  1. Quiz App
  2. Discord UI clone
  3. JSON Proxy Server
  4. LinkedIn Clone
  5. Student Time table Planner

basically, this idea leads you to become a full-stack developer with development, you can start your journey to become a developer with #100daysofcode on codedamn.

How to join

You can join with the link #100DaysofProjects

visit the link and the interface looks like

Image description
next, go and create an account with basic details and complete your registration and profile.
Start your journey with the first project Quiz app which helps you to understand the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals don't stop here build 100projects and also explore the complete platform which helps you in various domains.

What you get

Currently, the projects are available in between 36-40 days but all projects are coming soon and after completing the #100Daysofprojects challenge you will get prizes. you can check the complete information by visiting codedamn #100Daysofprojects
visit this link and start building projects.

Happy Hacking...!!

Hey Everyone I am Ganesh from India connect with me on Twitter share your views in the comment section. I shared content and helpful resources on Twitter and write blogs about technology and programming stuff. if you have anything to ask my inbox is waiting for you.

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