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Happy Developer Birthday to me!

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On the 8th of October of 2014 something incredible happened, something that would change my life forever. 6 years ago I started writing code.
Back then I was a 25 years old Economics student working at a bank, instead, I decided to switch to a Software Engineering major and quit my job to attend a one-month Bootcamp give by Accenture.

I had written my first line of code a few months earlier. It was a basic Hello World written in C, but on that day everything changed, I started learning to program daily, I had focus and intention to become a software developer. It was that day that I found my true calling in life, I noticed that I could do this forever and never get bored. So far this statement has survived the pass of time.

A little over a month later I was starting a job as a trainee/jr software developer while I was still trying to understand the concepts I read in C# in depth from Jon Skeet.

What Changed?

On my career

In these years a lot of things have changed, I had 4 jobs as C# Developer while at the same time contributing to the frontend by learning HTML + CSS + Javascript, then moving over to Angular.js and eventually to Angular. Currently, I work as a full-stack developer focusing on C# and Angular.

Although I have had a few moments where I focused on other things apart from software development, learning has been a constant in this experience. This career has awakened something inside me that I never felt before, this burning fire and self attained drive to improve.

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Category theory
  • Computer Science
  • Software architecture

I have been all over the place but never ceased to follow the learning process. Hopefully, it will never stop.

On my personal life

This career has brought me some amazing people to my life, most of my friends happen to be professionals in one or another area of software development.

Now I also have the possibility to use my experience to help others, I am a member of various software development communities and often give mentorship in my spare time.

I grew up in Argentina, the situation there has always been hard. After a little less than 3 years working as a developer in Argentina, I decided to find a job in Europe and moved. Thanks to this career I was able to drastically improve my quality of life, visit countries I had only seen in my dreams, and provide a better life for my wife.

I know my career is just starting, 6 years probably seems like nothing to the old-timers in the industry. It has been quite a path, one that I pretend to walk until my last day, I can't wait to see what the future will bring and what I will learn tomorrow.

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Thats so awesome that you successfully switched careers! Wish you all the best. :)