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Deliberate Learning, take control of your career

Patricio Ferraggi on December 01, 2019

This article was originally posted on my brand new blog The Developer's Dungeon I have been working as a developer for the last 5 years. It is not... [Read Full]
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Thanks for sharing Pat! I'm currently doing something like this, working on my blog and I'll start a MOOC on Edx, so I have a schedule and will power ☺️

I'll try the hats mindset, never heard of it but it sounds great!


Hey Lautaro, that sounds like awesome goals to me, best of luck with them.

Yeah it's not easy I mean some days I do feel like not doing what my calendar says but I am getting the hang of it.


Nice to see an example of how discipline can change your career


I think discipline is nice but it can only take you so far, I read on some psychology books that doing stuff when you don't feel like it, depletes your power of will, to the point you break and you stop following your conscious thought. I think the real way of accomplish this is slowly changing your mindset, embrace the fact that time is limited and is running out, if you don't push no one is gonna push for you. Then you stop working by discipline and start doing it by default.


So you are saying that maybe the best approach is to make your mind understand that you're not just doing things to not feel bad, but to feel the good feelings given by accomplish the tasks?

Indeed, the whole goal of this is not be disciplined but fundamentally changed the way I approach my career, that is why the progress writing on the notebook is so important, there I say what I have accomplished, also read it every week so I don't forget it. It refuels my progress


I'm a student and learning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Great advice.


No problem, I am glad you liked it. Hopefully you never stop learning 😀. If you ever need some guidance or something just DM on Twitter.


Thanks a lot for sharing these.. Always having problems to accomplish my plans, going to try your approach..


Happy you like it!, Please let me know how it works for you or you found a way to improve it 😀

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