Is it possible to make AWS non-payable, or do I have to delete the account?

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt ・1 min read

When one of the first emails is about billing.

Linode also did this to me, rather than notifying that free credits have ended.


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Hi. I know this is late but - Your frustration with aws is valid, however I would suggest anyone to take a brief crash course or something on aws before jumping directly into using it, unlike it is with, say digitalocean. Getting surprised billed by aws is a notorious meme, and what digitalocean uses to position themselves in the market.

For this specific problem, aws has this service called Cloudwatch. You can set it to send you email alerts at any point in your credit spend.
Also will recommend taking this aws for startups course from freecodecamp (youtube.com/watch?v=U3VSJhaC4kc). It's 4 hours but pretty basic.
(I suggest video course because their documentation can be hard to navigate and make sense of)
And on that note, you'll observe that Google Cloud while liked over aws by many people has a problem of inadequate documentation as opposed to aws for being ugly/complex/unfriendly or what have you, and it makes sense, aws evolved overtime to cater to bigger and wider problems and looks funny now. (My personal choice is google cloud fwiw)
I suggest you prevent letting this be the only thing that influences your choice going forward. (Sorry if irrelevant, just made the account to reply to this because I can relate to your frustration, haha)


The easiest thing is to delete the account, It's kind of treasure hunt for billable resources in aws


The only problem is I cannot change my mind, not to mention this is the second email on AWS.

At that time, I have contacted support, and they just said

open a new gmail, with +aws@gmail.com...