If you ever need to put HTML/CSS/JS or Web server inside native window

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That is, webview; but the performance varies. Also, executable sizes.

I know there is Neutralino.js, but some options are not customizable to my liking. Also, I need a complex backend solution anyway, so I created k-neu.

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Kotlin version of Neutralino.js

Now, putting in a native window is very simple,

Get JAR files here, https://github.com/patarapolw/k-neu/releases

Create config.json and put in alongside the JAR file of your OS.

  "title": "app1",
  "url": "index.html",
  "maximized": true


  "title": "app2",
  "server": ["java", "-jar", "server.jar"],
  "url": "http://localhost:${PORT}",
  "maximized": true

Of course, you can just edit App.kt directly. So that you can run server without multiple JAR files.

Now, you still have to ask the client to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

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