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How do you create (and remember) master passwords?

Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
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I fear to even think of creating a new master password / PIN (without relying on variation play).

I mean, practically.


  • How many words?
  • I don't speak English, so which language? Non-ASCII scripts? Keyboard-layout-based? (Typing non-ASCII on QWERTY)
  • Does it need punctuations? How do you add them? How many?


Next is, how long would it take to memorize it without tools / helpers? What helpers did you use?

Lastly, how many masters do you have? How closely they are related?

Related, also. How about numerical PINs?

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Aileen Rae

One method I like for remembering passwords is taking a memorable song lyric and using the first letter of each word, making the first one uppercase. Then I append a random number and symbol character to the end. I sing the song to myself when I need to enter the password and the only additional thing I need to remember is the final number and symbol.

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A good method is a passphrase containing 5-6 words that's are not connecting logically, but are memorable.

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Muhammad Hasnain

I guess you could generate a long password with all types of characters, print it on three different pages and keep them safe like you'd do any other valuables?

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You can think of your pattern, I have a pattern that is kinda related with the or system I am using, this has a downside if someone knows the pattern, but a strong one can work I think