Generous SQL (or NoSQL) hosting similar to MongoDB Atlas?

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt ・1 min read

MySQL hosting should be quite popular, but I don't know whom I can trust. (I cannot trust Google results.)

Heroku PostGRES is limited to 10k rows, but MongoDB Atlas is already 500 MB free.

MariaDB or non-SQL like Neo4j might also be considered.

Actually in the end, I don't mind paying, because one needs data integrity as well as scaling, anyway.


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Hi @Pacharapol,

You should check out our free tier with #harperdb. It's free forever. Has a lot of similar features to #mongodb, and we give away 10gbs of storage. I've personally run db's with 1 million rows on the free tier. We are also offering $250 in free credits for the paid tier right now for new sign-ups with coupon code HARPERDB4FREE.

Here is a link where you can sign up studio.harperdb.io/sign-up
Here is a comparison of #harperdb and #mongodb harperdb.io/harperdb-cloud-get-sta...


I frequently use JOIN, and sometimes GROUP BY.

It seems that HarperDB team takes JOINs and normalization well into their consideration.


AWS DynamoDB has a free tier that doesn't expire

For their On-demand variant (auto-scaling) aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/pricing/on...

25 GB of data storage
2.5 million stream read requests from DynamoDB Streams
1 GB of data transfer out, aggregated across AWS services

It is nice, if one don't need JOINs nor REFERENCES.

I have uploaded a JE and CE dictionary (EDICT2, CEDICT) as well as Tatoeba to MongoDB Atlas before, and free tier suffice. It is way beyond 10k rows as well; but there is still some joins.


Are you referring to SQL joins ? In any case, relationships can be modeled on DynamoDB using a their Partition Key and Sort Key indexing.
You have to create composite keys in a single table design, how to do that is explained in their official documentation.


1k node is worse than Heroku PostGRES 10k rows, and MongoDB Altas 500 MB is far far beyond 10k.

Thanks anyway.


Interesting, graphenedb is even more generous than Neo4j Aura itself.


If you are using digital ocean kind of servers, you can host along with server or create new droplet only for db, this should help you for resizing also


Of course, but

  • Not free, although can be as cheap as 3.5 USD/mo (AWS LightSail)
  • Tech support?