Discord (or Slack) suggestions?

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Indeed, this one is a good list

GitHub logo ljosberinn / awesome-dev-discord

A curated list of official, development-related Discord server


A curated list of official, development-related Discord server

PRs welcome! Please mind the requirements:

  • please add your links in alphabetical order
  • Community/Subreddit server should have more than 250 members
  • must be linked on official sites or at least endorsed by a core maintainer of the tool (e.g. on Twitter) - please provide proof!
  • invite links must be set to never expire

How to retrieve a servers id for the widget

  • open Discord in the browser and navigate to that server
  • OR, if you have Developer Mode active in Discord, simply rightclick a server and select Copy ID
  • in the url, copy the first ID in the pathname after /channels/
  • replace SERVER_ID in this url: https://img.shields.io/discord/SERVER_ID?color=%237289DA&label=%20&logo=discord&logoColor=white&style=flat-square
  • if you happen to be the owner or an admin of said server, you can enable the widget in Discord under Server Settings > Widget
  • if widget disabled shows up, please select https://img.shields.io/badge/%20-join-%237289DA?logo=discord&logoColor=white&style=flat-square as…

There is Python, but Golang is missing.

And, another one I've just found VSCode.

It would be nice if there is a Discord server for Electron / Electron-builder as well.

I have joined many Slack servers, such as DevOps Chat as well, but Slack desktop app is not as convenient as Discord.

What are some other nice things you wish it would happen?


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