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Firebase is a series of products...

What's a safe alternative to Firebase Auth / Google Auth, or do you collect Oauth2 client ID / secrets, by yourself?

Firebase Auth is a guaranteed way to work with Google OAuth2, BTW. I have problem with getting permission from Facebook and Twitter...


Auth0 & Okta are good alternatives. Or you could directly implement oAuth 2.0 client authentication with respective sdk's


Not sure if Auth0 is better or cheaper than Firebase Auth. Actually, I moved from Auth0 to Firebase Auth.

MongoDB Stitch also have an Auth.

Why not handle the authentication yourself? I did it recently with Nuxt + Node + Mongodb + Google sign in

I still need some kind of Object / Image storage, though. But I don't think I should use MongoDB Atlas's 500 MB of GridFS...

That's why I come to Firebase Auth + Firebase Storage.

I use Google Cloud for hosting BTW, not AWS.

Nuxt Auth Module might be nice, but still I fear security and not being able to track...

Honestly, Mongodb atlas free tier is good for small apps.

If you do need image storage, you could probably use imgur or imgbb

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