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Can't get fcitx to work in WSL2. Also, Win10 multilingual input method sucks, nor does it work with WSL

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt ・1 min read

Problems should be solved if I use VirtualBox, I think; but I probably won't have that much access to WSL.

  • Win10 multilingual input method doesn't leak to WSL2 X410
  • Win10 multilingual input method isn't very customizable, compared to fcitx or IBus
  • I use xfce4 Ubuntu in WSL2, and I tried both X410 (similar to VcXsrv) and xrdp (i.e. Remote Desktop Protocol).

why afrikaans

Why am I having Afrikaans here, and I cannot remove it?

I can add Japanese and Chinese language support; but I cannot remove Input method, while retaining language support...

Windows 7 might be decent, but Windows 10 sucks for multilingual input. MacOS can indeed install VM, but does not have the performance of WSL2.

I am tempted to use purely Linux, but cannot run Windows/macOS-only apps that are not ported to Linux; in particular LINE, which does not work in WINE.

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