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Pasca Vlad
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How I started coding, got a job as a dev, built an audience on Twitter, and made my first income online

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Everything started in the last week of 2019

I was in my first year of high school and my uncle started talking to me about programming

He was already a senior web developer with over 10 years of experience

At that time I already wrote a few lines of code at school in C++ but I had no idea what Web Development was

He told me that I should give this a try and told me to learn Python first

In the first week of 2020, I started learning Python

I searched on Reddit for some tutorials I could follow and someone recommended me Codecademy

I went on their website and started coding

For one week all I did was code on there

I fell in love with it in less than a day

3 months later I was still doing some small Python projects in my free time

Then the Pandemic came

Suddenly I had a lot of free time

So I called my uncle and he told me to continue learning Web Development

So I went to FreeCodeCamp and started learning HTML and CSS

At that time I was spending a lot of time on Reddit, talking with other developers

One day I found a subreddit with developers from my country

I joined it and decided to share my journey on there

At the end of that post, I said that I'm looking for work to learn more about web development and gain more experience

A few hours later a developer that had a start-up messaged me and said that they would love to work with me

The next day we talked on the phone

I was excited to work with them

They gave me a few tasks which I solved in a few hours and I got hired

You can read more about this story from this article I made:

During the next 3 months, I learned a lot from that job

From JavaScript to Docker and how to work with Git

After 3 months I left that job since the school was about to start and I wanted to focus more on that

At that time I wasn't coding that much anymore and my motivation faded away

One day I decided to join Twitter since lots of developers were talking about it

So I joined Tech Twitter and started documenting my journey

I was writing about the concepts I was learning about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

In the beginning, no one saw my tweets but I was happy to be part of a community

Slowly I realized that I would like to create content so I bought a Twitter course and started growing my account

This is the Twitter course I bought (highly recommended)

By the end of 2020, I reached 1000 followers

I was already building lots of projects with JavaScript at that time while creating content on Twitter

3 months later and I made my first income online


Through affiliate marketing. Why?

I realized that everyone was asking me what courses they could use to grow on Twitter, to learn Web Design and Web Development

By that time I already had around 6k followers on Twitter

For 30 days I continued doing that and hit $1000 in sales

You can read more about how you can do it here

One month later I released my first info product, an eBook for Web Developers

Over 50 people Pre-Ordered it and after one month it made almost $600 in revenue (with almost 80 customers)

Now, another month later I'm at over 10k followers

I made over $1500 online

All of this because I was consistent

I took no week off


Because I love what I'm doing

So my only advice for you is...find something
you enjoy doing and do that!

Hard work pays off!

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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Timothy Rowell

:D Wow!

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Timothy Rowell

I'm in middle school rn and I have made $50 online!

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Pasca Vlad Author


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Very impressive! ✊

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Pasca Vlad Author

thank you