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Career Advice: PHP vs Python vs JS?

I am a Laravel/Vue full stack developer with 2+ years of experience. While searching for new job, I observed that big companies or small but exciting companies tend to use technologies like React, Python, C# etc. And that sort of demotivated me as I am only efficient in Laravel with bit of experience in Vue.

Should I learn and focus on these technologies? (I love working with Laravel but I want to work for company which has exciting product to work on or bigger companies (everyone fancies working for BIG companies I guess)

If yes,
then I am confused between Python or JS (React mostly as vue is not being used much by bigger companies)

Also, I have experience with only web development which I love but don't know about other development.
My Dilemma comes down to my wish for working for great and exciting company for long term rather than jumping from one startup to another

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Big companies generally create enterprise applications, which are usually written in Java or C#. This isn't a "rule" but a generality that I'm willing to bet holds up for 80% of "big comapnies."

If your only choices are between JS and Python, i say learn JS as it's more ubiquitous than Python (this is debatable for sure) and you haven't honed in on exactly what you want to do.