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Discussion on: What would you like to learn in 2020?

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Partha Prateem Patra

2020 would be great to get started wih ReactJs oweing to its growing popularity

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Stephen Belovarich • Edited on

My advice is to not learn things based on popularity but instead find something that greatly advances your understanding of how JavaScript works or think about how you’d tackle common problems solved in JS frameworks and code your own UI library, this way you have a much better understanding of why JS frameworks are architected the way they are.

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🦁 Yvonnick FRIN Author

Nice advice but I think React is a good start to understand modern frameworks. Its documentation is well written. The community is huge you won't have difficulties to find help or good articles to learn it. If you don't know awesome repositories (they are curated list of resources for a specific technology) here is the one for React.

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Emma Goto 🍙

If you want to be ahead of the curve, seems like Svelte is starting to pick up in popularity.