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Launched my first product πŸ”₯

Parth Bhardwaj
Just a random web developer πŸ’» || Front-end newbie || active learner
・1 min read

I have created my first ever Chrome extension called Page Pad.

I launched it on Product Hunt few weeks ago and it was featured at #4 Product of the day!

Page Pad is a productivity tool for creating notes on any web page you visit. It allows you to edit and organize notes for a particular web page and also notifies if the user has already created notes for the current web page. Re-visit any web page where notes were created and all your notes will be present as it is from where it was left off!


πŸ“ Create notes for individual web pages.
πŸ” Refer to notes of all web pages of a website at once!
🌟 Rich text editor
✍🏽 Fully editable notes
πŸ’Ύ Autosave feature
⚑️ Works offline
♿️ Keyboard accessible
🌈 Custom themes

Download the extension from here and any review or feedbacks are most welcomed!

Discussion (2)

vansh__bhardwaj profile image
vansh bhardwaj

Looks great Parth, this is exactly i was looking for , definitely going to use it !

parth_codes profile image
Parth Bhardwaj Author • Edited

Thanks Vansh!
I'm glad you found it useful :D