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Paris Morgan Jr
Paris Morgan Jr

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New to coding world

Hello Everyone I'm Paris from New York. I'm kind of new to this coding thing. I have done but never really took it seriously, now I'm in college at FSU learning web and app development, Do you have any advice for me on this journey of mine Thank you.

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Michael Otu

Welcome to the coding world.. Paris

Advice.. code... Code.. code... Network (not because you want but so that you won't feel lonely, in a way 🙂), read other people's code... There is a time to stop learning and actually think... There is a time to stop thinking and something... Build... Build.. build.. learn good ways of doing things.. exercise... Eat good.. get sunlight... If you are creating a schedule or calendar, add fun time, it's important.. don't do everything, but be curious about everything... If you are really new, you can ask others to watch you code and project.. basically share what you are doing with others... Apply for jobs even if you think your skill is mediocre.. you don't know what would happen.. Finally, it's not the last thing here... But have something that drives you to code and it's not money... Trust me, money will come and you'd smile.. I and all that 😮‍💨...