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How to overcome the Netsuite "you provided invalid field type: INLINEHTML"

Many times, you want to add a field to your SuiteLet Sublist that is able accept dynamic values. For eg: a URL, Text or RichText.

I am pretty new to NetSuite but this is something I wanted to do for one of the client project. I could create two column fields. But the issue with this approach is that It creates two columns and as I told earlier I want value to be dynamic. It mean only one type of value will be present thus Allocating another empty column is useless here.

For this purpose, I came around FieldType.INLINEHTML & FieldType.RICHTEXT. But for both of these fields, I got an error saying that *you provided invalid field type: *. First of all, this is very strange why NetSuite is throwing this error at all if they have given these field types.

But I didn't find anything related on internet to resolve this error so I thought of a quirk.

I used a FieldType.TEXTAREA. Textarea supports rich text and we can embed HTML in them. This works perfectly. You can literally put anything there with styling.

If I missed something and You know how to fix the original issue, comments are most welcome.

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