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As a BackEnd Dev, what is your biggest struggle while learning Front End Technologies?

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For me, the biggest struggle while learning Front End Technologies was to distiguish between what is worth learning and revelant and what is not.

It was early 2016, when Angular 2 was a romour, IE was still supported, flexbox was emerging but not yet supported by most modern browsers.

A few questions that exemplify my struggle were the following:

  • Desciding between using bower and npm as a package manager.
  • Choosing a first JS freamework to learn, my candidates were: Angular, Angular 2 that was about to be realeased, Ember or React.
  • Should I learn ES6?
  • Should I learn Typescript or CoffeeScript?
  • Grunt or Gulp? What about Yeoman?

What about you:

As a BackEnd Dev, what is your biggest struggle while learning Front End Technologies?

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Learning enough for you to be useful in React/Angular to build/modify a front-end web app and building Hybrid web and mobile apps like React Native. Like Redux, React Router, Styled Components, Flexbox, TypeScript, CSS Grid, Figma/Adobe XD to transform your design into Web UI.


At what point do you decide that you it is enough to be useful?


Till you get a job with it or you can solve your current problem that you are facing in work


Well, I've done mostly full-stack (more backend and frontend "engineering" or the way you wanna call it, far from the design part itself).

So for me CSS is the big boss to be beaten hehehe

Right now I'm frontend developer, which means no backend involved, and I'm in constant challenge with CSS. I do it everyday but I still struggle to tackle more complex tasks 😅
Aaaaand, I've some sort of mixed feelings with it. Love/hate CSS from time to time hahaha


I tried getting a good grasp on the fundamentals. And then there is Tailwind which makes me feel like even I can do CSS.

Reminds me of a time when I was trying to learn CSS Grid because it was the new shiny thing, I struggle for three months until I found the right tutorial

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