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Discussion on: I tracked every minute of my time for the last 4 months. Here are 7 totally unexpected results

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Johny Papajohny

Very nice and interesting article, Dragos! I am kind of time tracking like you do with a simple Excel file (well, I am not as thorough as you), but I think that using your method I will track my time better (and make the necessary fixes to watch those cute cat videos later :P) At least, I'll give it a try! Oh, and congratulations for your first article!

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Bilaniuc Dragos Author

Thanks a lit, Johny! It means a lot to me, that you like it!
And yes, I also explored other options to my time tracking. But, to be hones, what got me hooked to Toggl were the visuals. I just find it so satisfying and exciting to see that week view full of entries.
I hope you'll also make it work somehow. Best of luck!