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[AWS EKS] Setup CloudWatch Metrics

panupongdeve profile image PanupongDev ・1 min read

step1 - add policy to your nodegroup(s)

Alt Text

Alt Text

CloudWatchAgentServerPolicy -> attach policy

Alt Text

step2 - deploy the cloudwatch agent

curl | sed "s/{{cluster_name}}/(( cluster name ))/;s/{{region_name}}/((region_name))/" | kubectl apply -f -

Alt Text

testing - cloudwatch metrics

kubectl run php-apache --requests=cpu=200m --limits=cpu=500m --expose --port=80

kubectl run --generator=run-pod/v1 -it --rm load-generator --image=busybox /bin/sh

while true; do wget -q -O- http://php-apache.default.svc.cluster.local; done

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