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How Can I lower my GitHub Actions Costs?

How can I lower my GitHub Actions costs?

GitHub Actions charges per minutes spent on CI. There is no charge for the initial 3000 minutes for Team users; once the 3k threshold is passed, pricing is based on the OS used while no fees are charged for open-source projects. If you use your own build runner, there is no charge for it, including private projects. But using your own build runner can incur maintenance costs.

The pay per minute is a great model because even if you use a lot of CI, you can get the CI service for affordable prices if you optimize your CI processes. Unfortunately, GitHub Actions does not illustrate in detail the minutes used up by your workflows or by the steps pertaining to these workflows when you are working on a project.

Take a minute of your time to subscribe to to get a detailed report of your previous activities on CI, categorized according to the organization, repository, workflow, and workflow step.

Why is real-time monitoring important for your DevOps processes?

The single most important KPI for almost anyone working in a DevOps role is the state of their CI processes. If you have a well-functioning process, this will save you the burden of daily operations. If your CI processes are not working properly and you want to follow it in real-time, you may be up a gum tree. You might want to do the tracking with an internal tool, whose development process can take way too much time, or turn to open-source solutions. You could also try creating your own monitoring tool by using a few of the open-source solutions out there, which is also bound to take up so much of your time.

What if we told you about a product that allows monitoring of CI status? Did you know that in just 1 minute you can share the status of your CI processes with yourself, your development teams, and your manager? Meercode gives you all of that. You can easily share weekly detailed emails, custom dashboards, and all with the whole team!

Track your multiple CI products from a single screen!


Does your company use GitHub Action, GitLab, Buddy, etc. for your Web/API development CI processes? Or are you having your CI processes transferred from GitLab CI to GitHub Actions? Or are you using a different product for Mobile CI? No need to switch back and forth between multiple screens! allows you to keep track of multiple CI tools, get weekly reports, get a detailed view of your usage, and create different dashboards for different teams in a single interface. Spare a minute for to see it all.

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A great tool for teams and offices based in different locations. Get a handle on your DevOps metrics effortlessly with!

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