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Light or Dark Theme - How's your code editor look like?

Pandiyan Murugan
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I often change my editor's theme. Wants to hear from the community.
Light theme or Dark theme or any Special colors?

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axelledrouge profile image

Dark theme ! Dark everywhere... the dark side have cookies and I'm always hungry while coding so...

But well the dark theme feel also more relaxing for my eyes, the color syntaxing is easier to read, and of course the main reason... it's cool !

ghost profile image
Ghost • Edited

Beware, those cookies are made for advertisers to track you! :]

axelledrouge profile image

Cookie monster eat internet cookies

vonheikemen profile image

Dark theme with minimal syntax highlight.

javascript code preview

I made this one for sublime text and vim.

5anthosh profile image
Santhosh Kumar

VSCode with OneDarkPro theme ❤️


jenbutondevto profile image

circa swift 3, I would use solarized (light) theme + night shifted display on Xcode. Even though you could have the editor theme dark, the rest of the UI would be light and looked too odd for me. Other iOS dev text editors don't work as nicely for me like AppCode from jetbrains. For other editors i'm using ladies night 2. Previously with fira code (with ligatures) but now with the new JetBrains mono. I prefer my editor/anything dark mode to be dark grey instead of black too ¯_(ツ)_/¯

mcsh profile image
Sajjad Heydari

Dark theme on default, with option to switch to a light theme in case I need it

Alt+x day (light mode / leuven)
Alt+x afternoon (not oh my eyes light, but not I can't see a thing dark / tango-dark)
Alt+x night (default mode / misterioso)
Alt+x latenight (pitch black / deeper-blue)

astrit profile image
Astrit • Edited

I use everything in dark mode but not pitch black.

Alt text of image

bluebrad profile image
Bradley Smith

how do i do something like this? and apply it to cwp codeEditor

codenamejason profile image

Dark all the way, bright colors hurt my eyes, and having to look at monitors for 8-12 hours a day it must be dark for sure.

zolmok profile image
Ricky Nelson • Edited

I always prefer a dark theme.

Dark theme on Emacs

ghost profile image

I like my text editor: lightweight, dark, colorful and free from mice, menues and icons.

raymag profile image
Carlos Magno

I always use Dark Themes with strong syntax highlight. I think it's smoothie to my eyes and I really enjoy dark backgrounds in general.

pedro profile image
Pedro M. M.

Dark theme and easy on my eyes, always! I just can't sit in front of a white bright screen for 8 hours.

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