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Discussion on: Tell me about your first email address

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My first email was Hotmail and it was the union of both my name and last name. I created it to play Neopets and games like those, so I should've been around 10-11 years old. I had to change it because some guy showed me something NASTY in a messenger chat and I, an innocent panda, had no idea what he was showing me, so I called my mom all terrified 'cause WTH, she looked at the nasty (he was still doing it!) and quickly helped me create a new email. She later sat down with me to talk about strangers on the internet.

I ended up having around 4 different emails between Gmail and Hotmail and I currently use 2 of those and a german guy is using one of them by accident... I worry for the guy 'cause he currently signed me up by accident to a "How to feel good during the COVID-19 crisis" newsletter. I hope he's better!