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Discussion on: My first day as a software developer

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I was nervous and my "tocayo" (we have the same name!) was the one onboarding me. He showed me over 15 different programs he used to code, he sorta explained git to me (I had never heard of it at the time), then sublime, then PHP, Laravel and so on. Later that morning I was thrown in a project with no docs, no comments, no nothing! I was so ashamed of asking questions but my lead was really nice about it. Then in the afternoon, I was told about another project I would be in at the same time I was working on the other one.

It was so. much. for. me.

But I had lots of fun at that job. I really miss it sometimes.

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Manuel Ojeda

Suerte que entraste directo a Laravel, que genial 🤟

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Enmanuel Marval

Solo vine a decir que: Laravel es lo máximo