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Discussion on: If You Don't Know, Now You Know - GitHub Is Restricting Access For Users From Iran And A Few Other Embargoed Countries

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You know, I feel for you since I also come from a very difficult country as well, it's easy for others to tell us to "overthrow" our authoritarian governments/dictatorships and restore peace when it reality it's not as simple and the political actions taken by other countries to pressure them out will always end up affecting the population in one way or another.

Sometimes industries, without wanting to have to comply. I wouldn't take Github's actions personal at all, they're trying to stay inside the law. I'm sure this doesn't only affects the tech industry but also other ones.

Does it suck to be in the middle of the mess? oh yeah it does! but the best we can do is to accept and try to look for the positives and opportunities when a bad situation happens, because we can't control it and we can't change it. Is it a very cliche advice? probably, but it's the one that has kept me going these past few years.

Hopefully things get better over there soon <3