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Discussion on: Why did you pick the avatar you use?

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I currently relate a lot to the little red panda. She's trying her best to deal with her day to day life, her crazy co-workers and her own emotions.

She may not be going through the same problems that I am (I think my situation while it might not be unique it isn't something super common either) but I think I'm going through the same path she is (except the boyfriend path, ,I have a lovely supportive boyfriend who I wouldn't change in the world).

Also, she's cute but full of rage inside. That describes me a lot. I just need to find a healthy outlet like she does hahahaha

I can do a bit of the heavy metal voice now tho', I use it for jokes :3

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Mark Nicol Author

I've not seen the show yet but you make me want to root for all red pandas. Go Retsukos!