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Discussion on: The Full Stack Illusion

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I honestly don't really like the term full-stack or front-end or back-end. I feel like it's limiting and it puts developers in teeny tiny boxes and in the end it only fomented in-fighting and issues between developers (the typical front-end is easier than back-end twitter fights).

We're all software engineers regardless of where our focus is rawr!

There's also the problem that some recruiters... don't really understand everything. I deal with desktop applications in WPF/UWP and while I did do a lot of things everywhere (requirements, design, ui, middle?, back, api, documentation, testing, dbs, etc.), I was considered the strongest in the UI and design side of the app. On a call with a recruiter, they told me I wasn't strong in front-end because I didn't know React. Which is fine I guess since I didn't come from a web dev background. I did find it a bit funny but, it's the fact that to be a front-end dev you MUST BE REACT GODDESS was kinda... eh.

I'm an XAML GODDESS RESPECT ME >:V is learning React anyway

Either way, I found another job where my XAML knowledge is more appreciated even though I continue to swim in all areas of the application.

But well, my advice is, if you haven't gotten any of those jobs it's because something really good is about to knock on your door! So don't lose hope, I'm rooting for you and I know that you'll soon find that dream job! c:

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Derek Shanks Author

I feel your pain there. React is a great tool. However, it added a lot of complexity to the front end process.

A lot of visual developers who added the additional layers of full stack are getting blindsided with heavy handed software related questions.

Thank you for your cheering! I am hopeful that something will come soon. I am revamping my portfolio to be a lot more focused on visual creativity and less focus on my full stack.

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"I feel your pain there. React is a great tool. However, it added a lot of complexity to the front end process."

Definitely! I found it similar to something I was already doing in WPF but if I was a complete newb (or 12y?) I'd be more lost than I already am XD

Though, if you ever feel like you need a cheerleader I'm here :D I definitely know you can do it and I'm sure your portfolio change will bear fruits! c: