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Geolinux 1 : San-Diego

So this is the first of Geolinux...

If you don't what that is , check this out

Lets dive in!


  • RAM : 2048 mb

  • Storage: 35GB virtual

- OS: cutefish os 0.7 beta


There wasn't anything remarkable about the installation , prettstandard branded Calamares . It took a while though.

First look

When I rebooted it looked like this:


Not my favorite look


Customization time !

after some exploring I :

1) made the resolution bigger

2) make everything the medium sized Noto sans mono font

3) changed accent color

4) changed background

5) made dock icons small


After image

Package Management

Pretty standard apt , but I must say … I really prefer Pacman.

Also , -y flag was enabled by default.

A big problem was that standard things like git & curl weren't pre installed.

My Main issue was that the Debian 11 repo which Cutefish uses was extremally outdated . So when I tried to install neovim , I got neovim 4.4 !

Pro's and cons

pro's con's
-nice ux - DE still in development , has it's kinks
- system is nice n' small - debian based
- well intergarted - packages are severly outdated
- nice window management - still in beta
- not great touchscreen / tablet mode support

Overall cutefish still has room for improvement , but still one of my favorite De's.
You'll definitely be seeing more of the cutefish DE in the geolinux series.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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