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Dark mode – React JS First Attempt

Dark mode – React JS First Attempt
Since the release of macOS Mojave, a lot of people have expressed their love for dark mode and a lot of websites like Twitter, Reddit or Youtube have followed this trend. Why you may ask? Check out my post Dark mode – React JS First Attempt.

Why dark mode you may ask?
Night is dark. Screen is bright. Eyes hurt.
Night is dark. Screen is dark. Eyes not hurt.

As I want to see even more websites have this feature, I started experimenting with an easy a non-intrusive way to add a dark mode to my React projects, and this is what this article is about.

What we’re going to build:

The objective here is to have a functional dark mode on a website with the following features:

a switch to be able to enable or disable the dark mode
a dark and light theme for our styled components to consume

On my example I have used the following:

  • react js – 16.12.0
  • material ui – 4.9.5
  • classnames package – 2.2.6

Check Demo & Code

😉That’s it for now.

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