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# Javascript Project

Pamela Torres-Rocca
Software Engineer based in Massachusetts
・1 min read

For my Rails project, I created an application that would allow users who registered as patients to ask medical questions to physicians. Users who register as physicians can answer these questions.

For my Javascript Project, I used this language to add the ability for my patient users to see an index of all of the questions that they have asked as well as a show page which displays all of the details of that question as well as all of the responses that this question has received. This allows the user to quickly find information that is relevant to them and quickly flip back and forth between questions as they do not have to leave their own personal user show page.

The user can also ask a new question in order to receive help from the online physicians. To do this, they are directed to a new question form which when submitted displays all of the information submitted as a new question. This confirms to the user that their question was submitted and lets them review all of the information that they physician will see again without leaving the page. These features enhance the user experience by displaying results more quickly and reducing the number of clicks that the user has to perform.

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Sergio Turpín

Hi Pamela!!
Do you have it already finished? I want to see 😄🙏

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Pamela Torres-Rocca Author