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Postman API

Hey there👋,

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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow applications to interact and
_communicate with each other by using a set of definitions and protocols.
The software has become more complex, and collaborative over the year.
The developer no longer needs to create every service from scratch.
APIs allow developers to access data from a service (like Google or Twitter) without
any knowledge of how the codebase has been implemented.
Example: Google map, Weather reports on your phone, Laptop, and other gadgets.
There is everything like the Cat API, Open Weather Map, Genius, Discord, Youtube to MP3, etc.


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A_ postman is a good tool for testing APIs, by sending to the web server and getting
back the response. Postman is a scalable API testing tool that quickly integrates into
CI/CD pipeline. It started in 2012 as a side project by Abhinav Asthana to simplify
API testing and development. It is a collaborative API development platform that
simplifies creating, using, and testing APIs with a UI.
It has become easier to work with URLs using postman instead of doing
tedious task by command line.
This is being used as a mainstream tool in top software testing companies due to its
tremendous benefits, some of them are listed below: -
▫ Postman allows you to move and share test cases from one system to
another system and environment. This makes it extremely easy to use and
manage test cases.
▫ Easy to create test suits.
▫ It can be easily integrated by different tools like Jenkins.
▫ It allows you to store data from previous test cases into a global variable.
▫ All the data can make available anytime as its entities can be saved to the

Postman API Testing
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_Postman API testing bunch of software that tests how the
APIs were developed and analyzes whether the APIs
correctly fulfill their purpose to ensure the application`s
functionality, reliability, security, and performance are not
compromise. Moreover, API testing mainly entails testing SOAP web
services or REST APIs, using JSON or XML message payloads, which are sent through HTTPS and HTTP.
Though other tools like assertible are also in the picture,
Postman remains the top choice for API testing in many
software services companies.

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