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CV for developers with no experience

Cut to the chase.
There is a hyperproduction of CV’s so just like Google, Hr’s developed SEO techniques to help them shovel thru an endless sea of PDFs. I’ll show you how to hack them.
No BS about who you are, how you feel and whatnot, nobody cares. People are interested in something tangible so give them just that, keep it short and sweet.
At the end of this article I’ll show you my CV that landed me a job, and yea be smart don’t just copy-paste, give it some uniqueness.

First paragraph your YouTube channel.
YouTube is great to show your skills and it’s free.
Make YT channel, nobody expects from you Hollywood production, go thru some of your projects that you find showcase worthy. U can use OBS studio for recording it’s free and easy to use.

Second paragraph your deployed apps.
There is nothing like experience from first hand.
Link to your deployed app is followed with short description of your app, showcase few apps, don’t abuse.
Hosting platforms.
You have a couple of options, for front-end developers I recommend Netlfy. Build drag-drop, that easy. And yea it’s free.
For my full stack colleagues, you have two options.
Heroku. It is a terrible platform, documentation is a disaster, I have no good word for Heroku and yet you’ll probably end up using it. Why, it gives you Postgres rational database alongside backend for free. Just follow this tutorial and you’ll be fine.
AWS. AWS is so complex, it’s world for itself but you can use some services relatively easy because they have been bundled with frameworks like SAM, serverless framework and similar. Using serverless architecture is different than monolith, advantage is it’s free for hobby dev and it’s more reliable than Heroku, and not just that it’s a BIG plus if you are familiar with AWS and hey you have to start somewhere with AWS. AWS requires a credit card, but they don’t charge for services you need for serverless architecture.

Third paragraph your skills.
List major technologies you know how to use.
Programing languages, frameworks, databases, platforms.

Fourth paragraph your education.
This is proof that you can sit for eight hours straight.
If you have some extraordinary success mention it, otherwise do not bother with this part of CV. Write some generic stuff.

Fifth paragraph your Github.
Github is going to be important when you get to technical. interview.
Expose your code to the world, git is a must-have!
Sixth paragraph your personal page deployed to Netlfy.
Here you can write who you are, what motivates you etc...

Seventh paragraph your punchline.
This is literally going to be your punchline.
One sentence that's going to resonate, try to make reader relate to you, maybe be funny but professional, Be short and concise.

My CV.
This was my cv that landed me a job.
good looking cv

Share with me your experience, what worked for you?
If you have some constructive critic feel free to express yourself in comments.
Also, you can message me via Twitter @LabPajkic
Check out my github

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