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Multicloud: OCI-Azure Interconnect

OCI-Azure Interconnect Partnership:

  • Oracle and Microsoft announced a partnership in 2019 to connect Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Microsoft Azure with a secure, low-latency, and high-throughput network known as OCI-Azure Interconnect.

  • This partnership enables private connectivity between OCI and Azure, offering consistent network performance with around 2-millisecond latency.

Benefits and Use Cases:

  • OCI-Azure Interconnect allows for the establishment of a direct connection without the need for an intermediary network provider.

  • It enables customers to migrate to the cloud or build cloud-native applications using the strengths of both OCI and Azure

  • Users can set up single sign-on between Microsoft Azure and OCI for Oracle applications, streamlining authentication.

  • The private inter-cloud connection bypasses the public internet, enhancing security.

Building Blocks

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Step by Step Setup Process

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