React TL;DR – A Human Filter For Most Useful React Content

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What is React TL;DR?

In short - it helps you decide which React content is worth your attention.

Obviously, you can use content tools, but they are easy to fool and collect a lot of crap that doesn’t really help or improve your work and this is why I decided to select the most useful React content myself, with a help of my dev team.

Tidy TL;DR version delivers the essence from the article and helps you decide if it’s worth reading further to you.

Again – I don’t use engines or tools. It is all selected by me and my team, based on what we have learned and gained profit from. No b#$%it provided.

I post them once in a while, and I will also choose best articles each month and make a summary.

Here's #1 with the content from July.


Say hello to React TL;DR – a human filter for most useful React content.

Let me know what you think!

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