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Soft Skills for Devs

The New Year is almost here; I am sure most of you have your resolutions ready. How about adding your Soft Skills to them?

Being a great Developer is not just about code, it's also about Soft Skills. These seemingly subtle abilities play a starring role in a developer's success story.

Join me as we explore the often-underestimated power of these skills and their game-changing impact in Tech.


Clear and effective communication is the most important Soft Skill I can think about. As Devs, we need to articulate our ideas, discuss complex technical concepts in friendly terms, and collaborate seamlessly with team members and stakeholders.

Good communication skills lead to better understanding, fewer errors, and smoother project workflows. Plus, it makes for a better work environment.

How to get better:

  • Practice explaining technical concepts to non-technical people.

  • Engage in discussions on tech forums or platforms like DEV,

  • Consider joining public speaking clubs or taking communication courses to improve your verbal and written communication skills.


Beyond writing code, we need to identify, analyze, and solve problems efficiently. The ability to approach challenges methodically, think critically, and devise innovative solutions is invaluable in the constantly evolving tech landscape. This is a skill that we usually work on without even realizing it, but we can get even better if we make a conscious effort to level up.

How to get better:

  • Solve non-programming logic challenges

  • Work on real-world projects or contribute to open-source projects.

  • Break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts to enhance your problem-solving approach


Is no secret to us that technology evolves fast! New languages, frameworks, and methodologies. So we must know how to deal with changes, always being ready to learn new tools and adapt our skills to stay relevant and tackle emerging challenges effectively.

This is not just about our tech Stack. Changing teams, getting promoted or even getting a new job, also means considerable changes, and our progress is easier if we are ready for them.

How to get better:

  • Allocate time each month to learn something new in the

  • Attend tech meetups, workshops, or webinars to stay updated

  • Sign up for Tech newsletter and actually READ them

Teamwork and Collaboration

wonder pets teamwork

What’s gonna work? Team work! (If you have kids in your life you may get this reference).

Despite all the memes about a lonely person coding in a dark room, software development is rarely a solo endeavor. Collaborating with designers, other developers, project managers, and stakeholders demands teamwork. We need to contribute our expertise, listen actively, and navigate diverse perspectives to achieve common goals.

This also helps us to teach and to learn.

  • Engage in group projects, either within your workplace or through online communities.

  • Practice active listening, respect diverse opinions, and learn to give and receive constructive feedback.

  • Participate in team-building activities to understand different working styles and foster better collaboration.

Time Management and Prioritization

Balancing multiple tasks and deadlines is common in software development. Good time management, the ability to prioritize effectively, and staying organized are essential soft skills to ensure projects are completed on time without compromising quality.

How to get better:

  • Use time-tracking tools to monitor how you allocate your time.

  • Prioritize tasks based on deadlines, importance, and dependencies.

  • Break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, and use techniques like the Pomodoro Technique to enhance focus and productivity.

Which one will you focus on for 2024?

Soft skills are the secret sauce that transforms a good developer into a great one.

By honing communication, problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork, and time management, developers unlock a world of possibilities, not just in writing code, but in thriving within the ever-evolving tech world.

Remember, mastering these skills is the key to not just building software, but also building a standout career in tech.

I have chosen five for this article, which I consider the most important for developers, but there are many more you can focus on if you think you are good at the ones mentioned.

Write on the comments: In which one will you work for next year?

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Well, now I know what may be holding my progress.

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Pachi 🥑

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Thank you for this post :D
I will working on communication in English to learn more from another people of different areas :)

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Pachi 🥑

Thanks for reading and good luck with your goal!
Happy new year 🎉