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Reflecting on the power of public speaking

Today I am reflecting on the power of speaking...

I have been speaking at Tech conferences since 2021, and before that, I have been doing some live coding at Twitch. Sharing my knowledge, and learning together with the people around me.

Recently I had a great call with a colleague from DevEx, and he mentioned that he often uses saying he learned in a talk I gave last year. It may seem simple but moments like these seriously make my day and remind me of the meaningful impact speakers can have, and too often we forget about it.

As DevRel professionals, we're not just showing demos or pushing products; we're building real connections and sharing knowledge!

Whenever we hit the stage, start a live stream, or even just chat in a Discord Channel, we have the chance to inspire, educate, and hype up our fellow devs.

But you know what really gets me? When someone hits me up later and says, "Hey, remember that thing you said? It totally changed how I do XYZ." That feeling? Pure magic.

So today just want to say to all my DevRel friends and fellow speakers, let's keep doing our thing with heart and intention.

What we do matters, and our words have an impact. 🥑💚

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Carme Mias

That's so true. That and all the conversations after the talk, even when in disagreement. There's a lot of two-way learning to gain from those discussions too.