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Hi there you people,
How are you all doing?
As the positive bee I am, I am doing good :3

Since I started learning to code around 18 months ago, I have been dreaming of working from home. I am a shy, introvert person, who loves to stay home so that idea always excited me.

Not because of the whole Stay Home thing despite the timing, recently I got my first Dev position ( thanks to twitter ) and it happens to be remote.

Now, I live with my in-laws and don't have much space that is personal, so up until last week, this was my coding space:
picture of Pachi's old coding space.

A foldable table I got at Walmart for $18 and a foldable chair that my father-in-law had in the garage. Not great, but it worked for my part-time code adventures.

The prospect of working from that space all day, every day, didn't make my body happy as I already suffer from back/neck/shoulder pains. But I also didn't have a lot of money. I just left a part-time job at a Daycare and lots of bills are around me. So what did I do?

Searched Amazon for affordable office furniture that would be small enough to fit in the little space I gave in my bedroom. I am not am associate of Amazon or anything, so I don't make money when you buy stuff I linked, sadly lol.

The chair, $49.99

From the moment I said I was working from home, everyone told me I needed a chair. A good one. But suggestions were often WAY over my budget.
SO I looked and Looked and read reviews and all until I set on this cute and comfy chair:
Picture of a cute red computer chair

You can find it on this link.
Last week the red one was $49,99. They have lots of colors, easy to assembly and delivery was fast enough.

You can find some even cheaper options, but I wanted something comfortable enough.

The table, $36.29

I had this one table on my wish list for a while, but once I was ready yo buy it, the price went up and deliveries moved to mid-April/May thanks to all the sudden new home workers.
So off I went again to look for a table that had under 32in or width to fit my space.
Picture of a small and cute desk
You can find it on this link.

It took me a little while to assembly this cutie, and I need some help though you probably can do it by yourself. But it is a cute table that fits my things and has space for some decor.

The mouse, $17.99

I have tendinitis AND a small hand, so I needed something that would be good for both things. I got this little wireless ergonomic mouse and I love it so far. It fits my hand nicely, the click is "soft" and quite and it is really comfy.
Picture of an ergonomic mouse for small hands
They have a version for non-small hands too lol

You can find it on this link.

The keyboard, $49.97-$89.99

This item is still on my wish list πŸ˜… as I have not yet acquired the money to buy it, so I can't give a review.
I am between Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard ($89,99) and Kensington Pro Fit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard ($49.97), and while the former really is my fav, I probably will get the later because is almost half the price, but I will wait until April 11th (my bday) and see if anyone gives me Amazon gift cards lol.

The mousepad

Ok, I got this for Christmas last year, but itis too cute so I have to share!

Cat Paw Mouse Pad with Wrist Support Soft Silicone Wrist Rests Wrist Cushion Comfort Mouse Pad Meow!

That is all

As you can see, I have spent less than $150, though this will go up once I get the keyboard, but I am buying a piece at a time so it does't feel like I spent too much lol.
My bedroom is a mess so I won't show the full space, but here it is my little office, just between my bed and drawer.

Picture of Pachi's small, affordable and yet comfy and cute home office.

Thanks for reading.
If you have any keyboard recommendation in that price range, please share.
Stay safe and wash your hands,


P.S. Forgot to mention my laptop stand !
As you can see in the pictures, my laptop is lifted. Since i don't have a keyboard yet, I am using it on the lower setting, but it can get descently high.

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Huge improvement! I was working from a TV tray for a while and now I've got a slightly bigger space but not much bigger. For me a laptop stand was necessary. It lifted my screen up to eye level better and then I use my wireless mouse/keyboard. The space under it is where I can store a notebook and pens. I see you've got your laptop lifted a bit but once you get a keyboard one of these might be helpful: Laptop Stand


I totally forgot to mention my laptop stand lol I have one but not as big as yours. Thanks for the tip!


This isn't strictly posture-related, but a coworker of mine recommended this app called Stretchly. It reminds you to take breaks and stretch. It sounds a bit silly, but I found it's been really nice, as so often I get absorbed in things for way too long.


Not silly at all. I am downloading it now lol
Thanks !


That's awesome you're thinking of your posture early on. Your body will thank you! I am definitely ready for a chair upgrade in my home office.


I am not even 30 and already have the worst posture, so I don't want to get worst lol

Thank you!
Hope you find a nice chair :) I really like mine so far


I have a mouse similar to that in my office but is a pain. I start using it and feel pain in my wrist


My coworker started getting really bad wrist cramps a while back, and ended up wearing a brace for a few days to help relieve it. Maybe that would help until you find a mouse that works best for you? Better to start tackling it sooner rather than later!

Anyway, I hope you find something that works for you!


I think having the mousepad with wrist support helps, I have never used that mouse without it.