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Discussion on: 5 Reasons You Should Write That Blog Post

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Pierre-Adrien Buisson

I totally agree with you about the fact that blogging asks you to structure your thoughts (to me, it's the most important benefit of writing about something publicly), and dig deeper about details that you wouldn't have looked into otherwise.

Still, I wouldn't say writing a blog is the same as teaching someone: it's true that you can get feedback/suggestions on a blog, but unless you have a large audience (that most developers don't have, let's face it), the amount of feedback will be limited, and can't really be compared to more direct teaching.

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I completely agree to your point teaching is not same as blogging. My intention was to convey it's something close. And to add on many developers like me would not be confident to talk in front of people at first and writing blog/giving webinars are less intimidating than facing people.

And yes most blogs won't get honest feedback. It would be mostly our friends or colleagues who give a thumbs up or like for supporting us. But if we ask people/mentors review them we do get valuable feedback. Ping the link and ask people what they think.

But since this post was about blogging, I just added another reason to blog. Like you correctly pointed out it helps us organize our thoughts and dig deeper.